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Gift Ideas for the Jam Skater in Your Life

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You started working on Christmas gifts, you are beating most people on that! Ha!

Now you reached that special someone on your list, you know they love to jam skate, but you have NO idea what to get them. This can happen if you love to skate, or if you have never once rolled the rink. It is tough to make sure you get them a gift they are sure to love. We want to help make your life easier with gift ideas for the Jam Skater in your life.

How are we going to do this? I took it to social media, email and phone calls. Asking skaters what they would like to see under their tree, this list is the result with gift ideas for the Jam Skater in your life.

1: The response I got the most: Vanilla Denim skates – seriously, they are THE hot new item. Everyone wants them. They are the newest VNLA Junior skate and are made with real denim and Italian leather. They are amazing.

2: New bearings. Yes, every skater loves new bearings. Our most popular bearings are the Bones China Redz.

3: New wheels – just like bearings you can never have too many sets of wheels. Our favorite are the Backspin wheels, we actually have a promotion right now for every set of Backspin wheels we send you a free set of ABEC 7 bearings! 

4: Bags and Cases something to carry their skates in. The decision was split on the most popular on that one. Whether it was a bag or a skate case. But we have lots of options to be the perfect choice for your skater. 

5. Skate passes to the rink they love. Those we can’t help you with, but if you ask at the skating rink your skater usually visits, you can buy them passes to the rink!

No matter which way you go with it, we hope our list helps you with gift ideas for the Jam Skater in your life. Happy shopping and happy skating! 

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