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​Staying active as a new mom. Skates help!

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If you are like me, a mom of your first kiddo, loving your baby, but trying to find the balance between you and baby time, listen up!

I’ve been trying really hard to work towards losing the last bit of baby weight, because I loved that excuse of eating for two, but HELLO I also now have a baby to take care of. I’m not exactly dealing with tons of free time.

My joints don’t like running, and I’m not really an outdoorsy kind of person anyways. Then I don’t really like the idea of leaving my baby girl at one of those gym nursery setups while I plug away on a machine.


As I was “googling” looking for ideas I found a story that really piqued my interest.

Stroller Skate!

A local roller rink offers two hours on Wednesday mornings where you can bring your kiddo in a stroller and skate.

This made me a little nervous. I had not been on skates for a few years, not since I was a sonic carhop as a teenager, back in the day. I went for one afternoon and left Cece (my daughter) with grandma to make sure I was not going to kill myself or others if I put skates on again. It took a couple of laps around the floor, but I could feel it all start coming back to me.

The following Wednesday I put on those skates, placed my baby girl in the stroller and off we went! It was so fun. She quickly decided it was nap time, because the nice even pace was, I guess, kind of like riding in the car to her. This gave me the ability to keep going! It was such a great workout!

I had little stops in between, but overall two hours of skating. According to Spark People, I burned 1,008 calories. It was so great! I have also started talking with some of the other moms, I think there are some potential friends and playdates in our futures!

I personally got the SureGrip Boardwalk Indoor skates – because they are so cute and comfy! Maybe after a few more times I will try it outdoors too, my husband is talking about getting himself a pair of skates so we could go together. One thing is for sure, my daughter is going to get a pair of roller skates, after she learns to walk of course!

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