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I am ready to start playing roller derby?! What do I need?

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Photo of Bonnie Thunders of Gotham Roller Derby

I'm hooked! I love roller derby, now I want to be a skater. What do I need to get?

We get questions along those lines so often here at RollerSkateNation, I thought I would give you a quick rundown of what is needed. Remember though, we love questions! Anytime you have a question we are always happy to help answer it. 

As a handy guide though these are the important things to grab.


You will need quad roller skates. Most versions of roller derby prefer the low speed cut boot. 

Protective Equipment

There are certain pieces of gear that are specifically required. According to the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby by Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) specifies you must have at a minimum: wrist guardselbow padsknee padsmouth guard and a helmet. It is also specified that the items must have a hard protective shell or inserts. This is to make sure the protective gear does the job it needs to. There are other versions of roller derby, such as mens, banked track, junior, USARS, rogue etc. Make sure you check out the rules for your version of roller derby, but the protective gear requirements are typically the same.

This can be rather daunting for someone to choose all the items themselves, there are quite a few options in each of those types of protective gear. We try to make it a little simpler by giving you package options. We have three rookie packages that give you everything you HAVE to have and a couple other items that you will be glad you have. There are three options to make sure you can find one for your budget. The prices are discounted off what you would normally pay for the items separately...because starting derby is not cheap we try to help in every way we can! Check out the Rookie packages here: www.rollerskatenation.com/rookie-starter-packages/

Optional gear

You can also get some extra things to make it easier and more fun. We have Chest Guards to help ladies keep the "girls" safe. We have Bumsavers to help reduce bruising chances and keep your tailbone padded. Cases for your mouthguard. Tools galore and all the items to maintain your gear too.  

Last but not least, a desire to be awesome! 

Find your local league, contact them for when you can start and get to being awesome! Joining roller derby is one of the best and scariest decisions you will ever make! 

~Happy skating!

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