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Sizing Tips

Finding the right skate size

It is super important to make sure you get the correct size in your new roller skates, in many skates they will fit basically like your sneakers on sizing. That is not true of every single style of skates, so make sure to look at the sizing tab on the skates you are looking at purchasing. 

Sizing for kids

When looking at children's skates, the J or JUV you will see listed on a skate size stands for Juvenile. Some childrens shoes also call them Toddler sizes, this all means the same. This means if you are looking for a Toddler 13 it will be listed as a J13 on our site. Another helpful tip on skates for kids, if your child is in a kids 3, 4, 5 or 6 this is right on the cusp of an adult size, some children's skates will not go that large and you will have to purchase an adult size skate. 

Measuring your foot

If you have chosen which skates you would like to purchase, and want to ensure the best fit it is easiest to measure your foot. Then refer to one of the sizing charts below, you would choose the one that is the brand of roller skate you are purchasing. 

To obtain the most accurate measurement of your foot, please make sure to wear the socks you will normally wear to roller skate in, because this can change the measurement. Then stand with the back of your heel against a wall on a piece of paper, with one of the ends of the paper against the wall. Mark the end of the tip of your longest toe on the paper. Measure with a ruler the distance. Use this measurement with the brand specific chart below. 

General Skate Sizing Chart and International Size Conversion



Brand Specific Skate Sizing Charts

Plate Sizing Charts

Protective Gear Sizing

Sizing Knowledge